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Welcome to the 2018 Beer Baron's Beer Bracket Contest!

Beer BaronWelcome to the seventh edition of the Beer Bracket, the no-hops-barred suds smackdown where it's up to you to crown Wisconsin’s favorite beer. The selection committee (ahem, that's me) has selected the beers in the field, but it’s up to you to determine which ones advance through each round. Just for playing, you'll be entered to win gift cards from our sponsor, Festival Foods.

For the second year running, each brewery in the field is represented by only one beer, ensuring a broad cross-section of the state's beer. There's a Madison focus, yes, but as always a handful of worthy breweries from other corners of the state that don't widely distribute their beer to Madison or even Milwaukee. This year the field is divided into regions – make sure you click to each of the four regions! – by brewery age. And there's quite a range - the oldest brewery in the Blue Bloods region, Potosi, dates to 1852, while the oldest in the Diaper Dandy region, Oliphant, opened in September 2014. As in previous years, past champions are out of the field and out to pasture, which is where you’ll find Ale Asylum Hopalicious (2012 champion) and Ballistic (2013), New Glarus Spotted Cow (2014), Karben4 Fantasy Factory (2015), New Glarus Moon Man (2016) and last year’s champ, Ale Asylum Bedlam.

You can use Twitter to rally the cause for your favorite beer and predict your champion using #WIBeerBracket -- and while you’re there give me a follow: @WIbeerbaron.

Click the 'Play Now' button below, and get started. When there, you can sign up for email reminders that will let you know when it's time to vote on a new round.

Chris Drosner,
aka The Beer Baron

Chris Drosner has the enviable task of writing beer columns for the Wisconsin State Journal. You can catch up on recent columns at go.madison.com/beerbaron. Questions about the Beer Bracket? Email chrisdrosner@gmail.com.

Voting cutoff dates:

First round ends 3/14

Second round ends (32 to 16) 3/19

Third round ends (16 to 8) 3/23

Fourth round ends (8 to 4) 3/27

Fifth round (4 to 2) ends 3/30

Championship ends 4/2

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